Cone Beam Computer Tomography Scanner

Picton Dental Spa was founded in 2007 and now has thousands of happy patients that enjoy our care based upon our core values: Authentic, Respectful, Compassionate and Sustainable.

Combining modern natural treatments at affordable costs in a most relaxing environment attracts many patients even far beyond Marlborough.

Both dentists at Picton Dental Spa are extensively trained in Europe and have all the modern techniques available for creating the best care ever. Our practice is fully digital and has very up to date equipment as a surgical microscope, lower dose digital x-rays and even the latest digital 3D CBCT scanner.

Lindsay alone

Dr Lindsay Carlier has 10 plus years of experience in Natural Dentistry and joined Picton Dental Spa in 2017. Her dedication to relaxing dentistry makes people smile during and after her care. Lindsay is extensively trained in healing gum problems (periodontitis) and infected teeth (LSTR minimal intervention regenerative endodontics).

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Drs. Fred Timmermans has 30 plus years experience in Natural Dentistry and has founded Picton Dental Spa in 2007 as a "a place of healing and health for the rural population in Marlborough and the Sounds". He also is trained minimal intervention surgeon for dental implants, plastic gum surgery and wisdom tooth removal.